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Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Services
For Every Size Organization

Whether it’s SAS Technologies, on-premise cloud or private hosted, or deploying and managing Microsoft Office 365, cloud computing provides strong competitive advantages, giving organizations better scalability, performance and security than they could afford to deploy otherwise. Perhaps moving to the cloud is right for you, but you'd prefer an on-premise or co-located deployment 

SAS Technologies Managed Cloud Services

SAS Technologies provide secure access to key applications and data through virtually any Internet-connected device. It’s an attractive and affordable opportunity for many organizations:

  • Predictable monthly fee

  • Only pay for the resources you need

  • Eliminate your own data center

  • Stop the lengthy server procurement and deployment process forever!

Private Hosted or On-Premise Cloud Serives

Perhaps moving to the cloud is right for you, but you’d prefer an on-premise or co-located deployment of your own equipment in a dedicated environment. Trivalent can help you develop and deploy your own private cloud servers for applications, data, and more at your data center or co-located at one of our data centers.


Microsoft Office 365 provides all the benefits of your core Office applications — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more — available anywhere you have an Internet connection. Your documents are saved in the Cloud and accessible from any device. And you always have the latest features and functionality of every Office application.

Plus, you get added collaboration capabilities, including online meetings with Skype, one-click screen sharing, real-time note taking and instant messaging.

Office 365 is available for PCs and Macs, Windows and iPad tablets, and smartphones.

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