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IT Consulting

SAS Technologies  frequently engages in IT assessments at the beginning of a relationship to determine the weaknesses and opportunities in your current IT team, technology strategy, and execution.

IT assessments begin with questions. After understanding your business and expected objectives, SAS Technologies leverages your answers to questions such as:

  • Is a business expansion on the horizon?

  • Did you recently merge or acquire a business?

  • Is there companywide frustration with IT or a specific technology?

  • Is there an opportunity for technology to be further integrated in your business process?

  • Is the budget for IT in control?


Conducting an IT assessment quickly resolves problems and provides a roadmap, prioritizing technology resolutions. After a critical examination of a business, clients either solve recommendations using an existing support team, or outsource the work to SAS Technologies. Either way, once solutions are implemented, clients will experience improved efficiency, organization, and productivity, all while saving budget.

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